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8th Confederate

"Skeleton" Cavalry

In memory of "The Little General" Maggie Sue Haessly

Through each battle and trial in life, we grow stronger everyday.

One unit. One family. One bond.


Mission of the 8th Confederate Cavalry

The 8th Confederate "Skeleton" Cavalry should always try to maintain it's cameraderie, it's love of history, and it's desire to constantly improve our impression that we show the public, by researching the tactics, the uniforms, the equipment, and the actual men of the regiment from 1861 till it left the field in 1865, and bring our knowledge to the education of the public in a fun and safe manner.


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When a captured Yankee Major demanded an officer to present his sword to...

“You see this Six-Shooter? THIS is officer enough for you! Hell I should just shoot you myself right here and now and save Ol' Davis the trouble of feedin' you.”

-Unknown "Tallowed Faced Young Alabamian" of the 8th Confederate Cavalry who drew his pistol on the Major


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