Sept 19 & 20, 2020

Located at the Haessly Homestead in Gallant, Ala, come join us as we bring the Thunder of Artillery and the Lightening of Rifles and Pistols to the valleys of the Appalachian Mountains.   

This reenactment will feature a recreation of Streight's Raid through Alabama to destroy Confederate Supply Depots in Alabama and Georgia.  Making an appearance for the first time in 160 years will be local heroine, Miss Emma Sansom who assisted General Forrest across the creeks in pursuit of the Yankees.  

All proceeds raised at this event will go towards the Haessly Cemetery.

For more information call 334.415.5494

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Reenactor Information

Unit Commanders:  Please email to ReNActor@gmail.com your unit designation, soldier and civilian numbers, and contact info for pre-registration.  Thank you!

All reenactors will camp as Confederate but bring both uniforms as some will be asked to galvanize.  Usual Amenities will be provided as well as a meal.  Please get your pre-registrations in soon so we can prepare enough for the meal.

Powder Bounty for Artillery is full, but Artillery is still more than welcome to come attend.

We hope you join us so we can make this a long lasting annual event.


Schedule of Events

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Presenters and Things to See


General Robert E. Lee

US Army Veteran
David Chaltas


Nursing During the War

Miss Mackenzie Henderson

Art and Books

Mr Gregory Newson


The Man Who Carved Stone Mountain

Mrs Donna Faulkner Barron


Pauline D'Alvigny
Civil War Nurse

Mrs Julie Clarke


Major John Pelham

by Peter Leavitt
Pete the Patriot

Music by

THE Unreconstructed String Band


Coin Fundraiser

These aren't the only ones! Come see the other "Sets"


Live Auction

Original Print by Gregory Newson and other items!


Union at All Cost

John W. Taylor


Raid Location

The event site is located at 5535 Old Gallant Road, in Gallant, Alabama.

We're 15 minutes from groceries and lodging.  Local attractions are Camp Sumatanga and Horse Pens 40.  

Plug us into your GPS and Join Us on Sept 19th & 20th!


For Maggie..

Little Maggie Sue was the sunlight in many's eyes.  Born into Civil War Reenacting in 2016 she immediately became a Little General.  Her family is one of the most active, god-fearing, compassionate, and helpful families in the world and Maggie was pampered from the beginning.  She developed her own little attitude but was as sweet as cotton candy. Maggie departed us in 2019 leaving a great hole in the hearts of all of us, but her memory will always remain as we bring to you...the Raid on the Little General's Farm.