Skeleton Soldier's Ancestors


“People will not look forward to posterity who never look backward to their ancestors.”
― Edmund Burke

“We're all ghosts. We all carry, inside us, people who came before us.”
― Liam Callanan

“When we illuminate the road back to our ancestors, they have a way of reaching out, of manifesting themselves...sometimes even physically.”
― Raquel Cepeda

"We are bound to our ancestors and to those who made us, whether we want to be or not. What matters is what we make of what we are."

― Kate Elliot

  • Sgt Martin Josephus Hopper - 23rd Mississppi Infantry, Co A transferred to 10th Mississippi Infantry, Co H and back to the 23rd. POW x2

  • Pvt John Dalton Hopper - 10th Mississippi Infantry - KIA Chattanooga 1862

  • Pvt Perry Dudley Culver - 34th Alabama Infantry - POW

  • Lewis Thomas Etheridge - 3rd Alabama Infantry, Co E

  • Sgt William W. Brown - 22nd Virginia Infantry - POW

  • Cpl James R. Baber - 2rd Alabama Cavalry, Co G - POW/Died Ft Delaware Prison

  • Pvt Joseph E. Terrell - Capt Moses Squadron, Alabama Cavalry

  • Sgt Elisha Bodenheimer - 48th North Carolina Infantry, Co H

  • Col. Archibald Hood Cole - CSA War Department, Chief of Army Field Transportation

  • Pvt Thomas A. Griffin - 8th Confederate Cavalry, Co H

  • Pvt Thomas B. Griffin - 8th Confederate Cavalry, Co H

  • Pvt William D. Griffin - 8th Confederate Cavalry, Co H

  • Pvt William Crow - 8th Confederate Cavalry, Co I

  • Pvt Hampton Moore Patterson - 12th Georgia Cavalry, Co E

  • Pvt Samuel P. Irwin - Greer's Regiment Tennessee Partisan Rangers

  • Pvt James Meredith Trammell - 28th Battallion Georgia Seige Artillery, Co E

  • Pvt James L. Moore - 25th Alabama Infantry, Co F - KIA Okalona, Miss

  • Pvt George Bogle - Stower's Company Virginia Militia

  • Captain Robert Bogle - 3rd Kentucky US Cavalry, Co E

  • Pvt Andrew Jackson Campbell - Alabama Coast Guard, Mobile Defenses

  • Pvt Joseph Berry Glenn - Hoxton's 1st Texas Artillery

  • Pvt William Riley Ellis - 1st Florida Reserves, Co B

  • Pvt Andrew J. Johns - 2nd Florida Cavalry, Co H

  • Pvt William Henry Tyre - 9th Florida Infantry, Co E 

  • Pvt Joseph Haessly - 57th Pennsylvania Infantry, Co F

  • Pvt Hiram Thompson - 10th Virginia Infantry Battalion, Co B

  • Pvt Francis M. Plyler - 13th Alabama Infantry, Co F- KIA Seven Pines, Virginia (First Battle)

  • Seaman George N. Patterson - CSS Samson

  • James Graham - Forrest's Cavalry Command - KIA Okalona

  • Pvt George W. Smith - 24th Texas Cavalry - POW Died Camp Butler, Ill

  • Pvt Charner P. Cooper - Clanton's Alabama Battery

  • Sgt J. R. Ellis - 7th Confederate Cavalry, Co A

  • Lt. Malcolm M. Shaw - Bradford's Mississippi Artillery

  • Pvt Burl Nutter - 62nd Virginia Partisan Rangers - POW Camp Chase, Ohio

  • Cpl William Jacob Goss - 37th North Carolina Infantry - POW twice

  • Pvt William Keen - 34th Battalion Virginia Cavalry

  • Pvt Judiah Hussey - 3rd North Carolina Light Artillery transferred to 1st North Carolina Heavy Artillery

  • Pvt Archibald A. McNeill - 1st North Carolina Heavy Artillery

  • Pvt Noah Williams - 2nd North Carolina Infantry, Co C - POW

  • Sgt Lazarus Phillips - 29th North Carolina Infantry, Co G

  • Pvt Seaborn Sexton - 48th Alabama Infantry, Co K - KIA

  • Pvt Newton Sewell - 30th Alabama Infantry, Co E - POW

  • Lt. Col Tyrah H. Mauldin - 3rd Alabama Cavalry

  • Captain Adam Boothe - 4th Mississippi Cavalry Militia, Co B

  • Nimrod Horton, Sr. - 15th Confederate Cavalry, Co E

  • Captain David C. Hubbard - 4th Alabama (Roddy's) Cavalry, Co K