8th Confederate Cavalry Application

If you're interested in joining us.  Print this and fill this out. Bring it with you to your next event with us!

8th Confederate Cavalry Hold Harmless

Please print this and fill this out to bring with you.  We must have one on file each year for every participant.  This is just for legal stuff to protect ALL of us.  Thank you Politicians!

8th Confederate Cavalry QuarterMaster Form

This is the form we use at events to write down items that were "loaned" to others so that we make sure everything is returned.

8th Confederate Cavalry Weapons Inspection Form

Weapons inspection form for us to turn in to event command staff to guarantee them that these weapons are functional, in proper working order, unloaded of real bullets (that may have been forgotten about), and who has what weapons.

8th Confederate Cavalry Arms List

We fill out this form every morning before officer's call so that the event command staff will have most current available numbers of weapons and active soldiers.

8th Confederate Cavalry Muster Roll

We print these off at the beginning of the year on heavy stock to keep a record of soldiers, engagements, promotions, and those who have fallen in with us.  This is our YEARLY record.

8th Confederate Cavalry Recruitment Poster

Printed off on parchment or tea/coffee stained white paper, these make excellent posters to hand out at events.

8th Confederate Cavalry Commands

This booklet will help you get the basics of the way we shoot, the way we move, and our formations.  Some commands in here about how to draw sabers and pistols and how to present rifles and sabers.

8th Confederate Cavalry Organisational By-Laws

Constantly being revised by votes of the membership, this is the operating rules governing the unit.  The most recent version will always be posted here.